Our Italian restaurant is a destination in itself. The rare homely delights of good Italian cooking: a menu that deploys the freshest ingredients, warm, friendly service, that bracing country air and the unparalleled EIRS setting. Like going back home, a meal here is a journey you’ll want to make again and again.


Tended Accommodation

Instead of battling weekend traffic to reach some remote getaway, think of the EIRS camping holiday. What could be better than a romantic two or three days within half an hour of the city, a relaxing breather amidst unparalleled greenery, serenity, a place to recharge and bond with humankind’s noblest companion?
The latest additions to our hospitality infrastructure for riders and other guest weekenders: five fully-furnished tents in their own part of the campus, grouped around a gazebo and a well-equipped gym.

EIRS tents offer true outdoor luxury: double occupancy, 24 x 7 electricity and hot water, lamps, a cooler, coffee table, chairs and best of all – an attached toilet with running water!

At a stress-free Rs.3900/- + Taxes- per night (breakfast included). Under canvas beneath a languid Bangalore sky is the place to be: for couples, families, groups.


The rooms are priced at Rs.4500/- + Taxes per night.


The suites are spacious with an approximate area of 600 sq feet with a living and dining area. The suites are priced at Rs.5900/- + Taxes – per night inclusive of complimentary breakfast for two people. Ideal place for a weekend getaway for families.



For your child’s special day, a party in our garden with all he or she wants to make it a smash success with the unbeatable EIRS add-on of pony rides.

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OFFSITES In corporate eventing, an HR first. EIRS’ unique character lends itself to a kind of corporate offsite few in the country can match. A dramatically unusual location to for team-building activities.

On a less challenging note, where else would work-weary executives find such an idyllic setting to de-stress and recharge in, while discovering the joys of equestrian activities. We offer easily structured two- and three-day team building and recreational packages which include an introduction to horse-riding.