Jul 8 2019

Bengaluru, July 1: Ashish Limaye stole the show during the month of June in the 10th Equestrian Premier League which took place in Bengaluru.

Embassy International Riding School’s Limaye finished on top in the 120 CMS, 110 CMS, 105 CMS and 100 CMS Show Jumping categories.

Limaye claimed top honours riding Claudette, Junior and Pelatus. Meanwhile, Rishabh Mehta of URB astride Caprice won the 130 CMS, which was the highest category. Mehta also finished first in the 115 CM and second in the 120 CM Show Jumping.

In the 90 CM Children and Open categorgy, URB’s Abdul atop of Richness pipped EIRS’ Basvaraju S to first place. This edition has seen a remarkable increase in the number of entries, 240 (Dressage and Jumping) as compared to 180 entries last year, June EPL 2018. Plus, nine clubs participated last year and this year 14 clubs/ riding schools have entered the EPL.

Here are the final results of June 2019: Class SJ6, 130CM: 1. Rishabh Mehta Class SJ5, 120 CM: 1. Ashish Limaye; 2. Rishabh Mehta Class SJ8, 115CM: 1. Rishabh Mehta; 2. Ashish Limaye; 3. Basvaraju S Class SJ4, 110 CM: 1. Ashish Limaye; 2. Anirudh Krishna; 3. Basvaraju S; 4. Lt Col Amit Sinsinwar; 5. Anish Sai Daggubati; 6. Ashish Limaye Class SJ7, 105CM: 1. Ashish Limaye; 2. Ashish Limaye; 3. Anish Sai Daggubati; 4. Tiyasha Vathul; 5. Faiz Rezwan / Dhriti Wadhwa Class SJ3, 100 CM: 1. Ashish Limaye; 2. Malhaar; 3. Basvaraju S; 4. Easwar K; 5. Tiyasha Vathul; 6. Tiyasha Vathul Class SJ2, 80-90 CM: 1. Abdul; 2. Basvaraju S; 3. Ashwin; 4. Vijay S; 5. Richa Shankar; 6. Adhya Santosh

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