May 19 2022

How often has it happened that you are watching the Longines Global Tour jumping or the Olympics freestyle dressage and you wonder ; were these horses just born for this? A horse & rider performing

at this level are the result of not only the best training , management care but also- perhaps most essentially of the selective breeding of the modern sport horses.

Horses were first domesticated by humans about 6000 years ago. As they were then put to work , they were selectively bred to have desirable traits like speed, stamina, strength etc. From a few dominating breeds of origin, today there exist many other populations that are a combinations of theses foundation breeds. These populations can be loosely categorised as hot- blooded(the ones that are more nervous, energetic and are known for their speed & stamina).

Cold blooded (that are known for their large boned heavy bodies) and the war bloods( that were produced by crossing the two to obtain desirable traits of both of them)

That brings us to actual topic of discussion. The Breeding Programme at EIRS for years the only way for the riders in India to own a properly bred warm blood was to travel abroad chose a horse and then import him all the way to India. Not only is that process lengthy expensive and tedious, but it takes a huge toll on the horses who have to go into a quarantine for a month before and after the actual travel. Considering all these factors and looking at the rate of development of this sport in the recent years . We at Embassy International Riding School felt the need to start with a structured, organised Breeding program that could in future, eliminate the need of “importing sport horses”.

With few of the handpicked, well-bred, and successfully completed , top stallions. We started this programme in 2016 . we have one of the top well known veterinarian Dr. Mirza who over looks and carries out all the process right from scanning of prospective mares to often care of young foals and their mothers.

What sounds so simple is actually a very long, technical, and delicate process, that we are striving to perfect. If you want to know more about it, keep reading our articles.